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Nick falling from the sky!

Will he have the nerve to jump? Cause he did!

Boy holding camera under instruction

Mouth That Roars (MTR) supports young people to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and motivation.

Two boys filming

Our Everyday Lives (OEL) aims to give voice to young people by giving them the opportunity to tell their stories via media

Filming taking place on roof top

Mouth That Roars is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, operating for charitable purposes Company Registration Number 4444 0995

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Our Donations To-date:
£ 1,250.00

£ 5,850.00 to go!

The jump took place a day late on Sunday 29th due to bad weather on the 28th. On the day the weather was perfect and the jump was scary but amazing. I am so pleased I didn’t chicken out at the last post and really appreciate everyone’s donations and comments of support! Now I hope everyone can join me in wishing luck to the children involved in the Children’s Rights project. I know I can’t wait to see what they produce!

In the plane just before the jump! JUMP! Is it a bird...no its a plane with Nick jumping out of it! Definately no going back now! Yeah! Safely back on Terra Ferma

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About Our Everyday Lives

Work is now underway for Our Everyday Lives (OEL) to start to produce children’s rights films throughout the Middle East, to enable young people and organisations to learn about their rights, and in addition enable people to better support young people in areas of risk.

OEL aims to produce both a film and animation with young people in Bethlehem, Palestine that looks at the rights of the child. The young people will explore the UN’s convention on the rights of the child and will produce two films that reflect this document alongside their experiences.

Generous donations have already been made towards this cause, but all further support would really be appreciated. The donation line on this site remains open, all donations go directly to the project. Your support so far and ongoing support is really appreciated.

How they will do this

They will produce a short film for 10 years (& above) audience and an animation for under 10’s. The films will be screened and used as an educational tool throughout Palestine and used to promote this work throughout the Middle East. The young people will not only be trained to produce the films but they will also receive relevant training to become trainers themselves. This will enable them to go on and train other young people in Middle Eastern countries to produce media that can be used positively within their communities.

“It’s important to learn about other people’s lives and I hope they learn from watching us”
- Ahmed 16 years

“It would be great to do more of this type of work, but it’s impossible for us”
- Salah, 15 years old

“It is very important for our children to know their rights so when the occupation ends they will be able to lead our country positively and with knowledge, they are our future leaders”
- Ashraf, Media project leader in Palestine

OEL aims to produce media that enables other young people to learn about their rights and for the adults of the world to become aware & recognise how they should be supporting young people. Each & every child, regardless of where they come from, no matter what the political agenda, has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment.

Other Info Outcome Activity Date
    3 sessions training on Children's Rights for max 8 young people Week 1 November
The Children's Rights Facilitator must help young people develop their script ideas Choose the rights they want in the film and an idea of how they will say it 3 sess training on Children's rights and devising script for film Week 2 November
As above Form script and locations etc for film 3 sessions devising script and ideas Week 3 November
Must decide locations and send script to MTR in English Define acting roles; Complete script; Define film roles 2 days Drama workshop Week 4 November/December
Screen the film; Transcribe into English Make the Children's Rights film MTR to do film training over 2 days; 3/4 days filming; 2/3 days editing/transcribing Week 5
Christmas Break period


Please review the rest of the site to find out more


Thanks a million for your help.

Our online donors to date:

Name Date Donation Message
YourDaemon.com 2008-07-06 £ 250.00 For the ongoing projects of Our Everyday Lives and Mouth That Roars 
YourDaemon,com 2007-12-13 £ 200.00 To the Excellent work of Mouth That Roars and IPCP with congratulations to all the children invovled in their projects 
Jeremy 2006-12-12 £ 25.00 Congratulations on the jump - I hope the project goes well 
Adam Webb 2006-11-24 £ 25.00 Hey Nick, Looks like you had fun! I'm Adam, I met you the day of the (postponed) jump, and you sponsered me for my dive for the Orchid male cancer charity. I did my jump on 18 Nov in the end, and really enjoyed it. The project you're raising money for looks really interesting as well. Cheers! 
Jeremy 2006-10-27 £ 25.00 Good luck!! 
Alison 2006-10-27 £ 10.00 Best of luck!  
Luke 2006-10-27 £ 25.00 Break a leg. And an arm if possible 
BB 2006-10-27 £ 10.00 Don't forget the parachute 
Julia 2006-10-27 £ 25.00 Good luck Nick, rather you than me! 
Janita 2006-10-27 £ 10.00 Go for it! 
Sass 2006-10-27 £ 25.00 Don't look down! 
Anonymous 2006-10-27 £ 25.00  
Sophie 2006-10-27 £ 20.00 Good luck with the jump! 
Jess 2006-10-27 £ 25.00 Good luck! 
Barbara Gayler 2006-10-26 £ 25.00 If you get cold feet and don't want to jump not to worry, I will still sponsor you. It sounds like an excellent cause. Good luck!  
Ian Brown 2006-10-26 £ 10.00 Good Luck Nick. You'll love it!!!! 
Corinne Archard 2006-10-26 £ 10.00 brave, brave man! good luck Nick!  
Dan Gluckman 2006-10-25 £ 50.00 Good luck - don't look down! 
Amy 2006-10-20 £ 10.00 Sorry it can't be more for what is a truly great cause. All the best for the jump - close your eyes & enjoy the ride!!  
Anonymous 2006-10-17 £ 5.00  
Naomi 2006-10-16 £ 200.00 I am so grateful for being able to take a small part in your fantastic project. Good luck!  
kath 2006-10-10 £ 20.00 Woo hoo! He can fly, he can fly, he can fly. You won't regret it. It's the scariest but most exhilarating thing I've ever done. Enjoy! x 
Mum and Dad 2006-10-10 £ 50.00 Good for you Nick. Hope the project meets its target. Take care on landing and watch those knees. We're a bit pushed for time for hospital visiting. 
Nigel Neill 2006-10-09 £ 25.00 go for it Nick, don't eat breakfast. Nigel. 
Anonymous 2006-10-05 £ 25.00  
elvis presley 2006-09-28 £ 15.00 if the rip cord fails do what keanu does in point break (not that technically speaking his rip cord ever failed)... fly over to the next guy and catch a ride. great cause nick, big up and good luck. 
Fiona Faulkner 2006-09-27 £ 50.00 What a fantastic project! Good luck to all the children involved with these productions. 
Tammy Hippisley & Phillip Angel 2006-09-27 £ 20.00 A small donation from two little aussies in London - good luck! x  
dan dick 2006-09-26 £ 20.00 i hear the parachutes now are very unreliable...well done Nick...great cause!!! 
Paul Wood 2006-09-25 £ 15.00 Good luck Nick, all the best. Rather you than me! 

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*Total donated online:

£ 1,250.00

Amount raised offline:

£ 0.00




2 Facilitators to train young people in film making/children’s rights x 10 days Including equipment/editing @ 300£3,000
1 Facilitator to train young people in Animation x 4 days @ 300£1,200
Children’s Rights Booklet Production
And distribution
Flights x 3£1,200
Stock x DVD copies£200
Accommodation approx£500


Further Details

Facilitators’ time has been valued at £300 a day, but MTR facilitators donate their time for free. So if the full amount was raised, their time would buy camera equipment for the project.

Our Everyday Lives is organized by Mouth That Roars

MTR supports young people to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and motivation. They provide a learning environment that increases young people’s awareness of their community, wider social issues and encourages cultural exchange through the process of film making and teamwork.

Children’s Rights

Our Everyday Lives (OEL) is a project that aims to give voice to these young people by giving them the opportunity to tell their stories via media. It’s through this access we can learn about their everyday lives and produce films on the rights of the child based on the UN convention of children's rights.

OEL aims to produce media that enables other young people to learn about their rights and for the adults of the world to become more & recognize how they should be supporting young people who deserve and have the right to live in a safe and healthy environment.

Children’s Rights Films


  • To raise £7,100 for the Our Everyday Lives Children’s Rights Films project. (See Budget)
  • To provide the facilities and skills for children to express themselves through the media of film-making and animation.
  • To produce a film/s that explores Children’s Rights for young people and an animation for children to be used as Educational Tools for all schools/youth organization in Palestine. Widely available film will overcome the difficulties our facilitators have encountered in publicizing and holding workshops in the area.


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  • Mouth That Roars is Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Operating as a company for sole Charitable Purposes, Charity Status pending
  • Company Registration Number 4444 0995
  • Contact Denise at MTR Studios for further details 020 7729 2323 or visit their site http://mouththatroars.com

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