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Ali's Story

View photos in galleryAfter producing a short film about their everyday lives as part of a film exchange, children from Mansouria School decided that they would like to venture into the world of drama and have just produced a short drama (January 2008) that follows Ali, a young boy, and his decision making of whether to go back to school or not.

The piece highlights some issues of why young people may not go to school and what influence friends can potentially have.

Ali's Story is completely scripted, directed and filmed by 22 young people between 10–11 years old who attend Mansouria School.

Alis Story - filming Alis Story - filming Alis Story - filming

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Young Peoples Thoughts and Feelings:

We Learnt…

What can happen if you leave school
We can help people
How to make a film and how to act
How to help children who have left school
That we wouldn’t think about leaving school
How to work as a team
Skills of how television is made
Technique of doing the sound

What We Most Enjoyed…

Was the character coming back to school
Working out the content of the film
When Ali agrees to take the school bag instead of the tool
The way we filmed
Was we feel that the film has made the school brighter

What We Did Not Enjoy/Would Do Differently…

The weather
Those who talked by the camera when we were filming
Those in front of the camera when they shouldn’t be

What We’d Like To Do Next…


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